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Hello! My name is Jose Flores, but you can call me Josie. A friend started calling me that way back and it just stuck. I like foreign and action films, a good book or two and well, PAINTING!

I am an Austin native that has been painting houses since I was 16. My whole family is full of painters and well, 6 years later I've decided to go out on my own. I may be young, but this ain't my first rodeo! Depending on the job size I typically work with a crew of 2-4 people, but if a job ever requires more hands than that well, that's a good problem to have! I can certainly find however many hands your job needs.

“Josie went more than above and beyond. When I wasn't able to decide what color I wanted in my living room he didn't hesitate to paint a few sample-walls for me and then repaint them once I decided. ” - Amber Rodriguez

“He's a bright guy that isn't afraid to really put the work in when he has to.” - Jason Herrera